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Recruitment Advertising

Keeping advertising costs down can make all the difference. Charity BackRoom offers you an easy and efficient way to cost-effective recruitment, tailored to your audience and budget.


Target local and regional jobseekers on-line


Charity BackRoom’s on-line JobsBoard for up to one month. Your vacancy will be sent out through our extensive social network channels and to the members of Voluntary Norfolk and to our Recruitment Partners[1].
Just £49 for members of Voluntary Norfolk (£75 for non-members).

Savings on on-line recruitment advertising on Archant’s popular Jobs24 website, with inclusion on the Charity BackRoom Job Board too.

 Charity BackRoom clients receive

four weeks on Jobs24 rather than two weeks. The advert also is featured as a ‘Hot Job’ free of charge and will also be included on the Charity BackRoom JobsBoard as above.
£199 for members of Voluntary Norfolk (£229 for non-members).


Do you have positions which are more difficult to recruit to?


Charity BackRoom, in association with Archant’s Jobs 24, might have the answer for you. It’s what we call the Value Plus Option, which offers a longer advert period, better advert visibility and Archant’s CV Match Alert System.

The CV matching service searches Archant’s registered users’ CVs and matches them with the experience and/or qualifications you are seeking. Once a match has been identified an alert is sent to the jobseeker via text or email, to advise them a new match has been found. This method has shown to provide three times the response to that of a basic listing.

An offer especially for Charity BackRoom clients- Archant will list your recruitment advertisement, with the CV matching capability for a 4 week period, (the same as with your Charity BackRoom JobsBoard advert) instead of the usual 2 week listing. We will also upgrade your advert to also display your advert on the front page of our Charity BackRoom website (subject to availability) as well as adding a border to your advert for additional prominence - all for just £279.


Target national jobseekers - for your more senior vacancies


Charity BackRoom is invariably able to negotiate great savings on national recruitment advertising in national media, to help save money for fellow charities recruiting to senior or specialised positions.

We can sometimes achieve as much as a 20% discount on your national recruitment advertising AND we’ll place your vacancy on Charity Backroom’s Job Board, at no extra charge

Advertising your senior vacancy on a national platform will bring you greater response and better value for money. We will use our purchasing power to negotiate discounts on your behalf.  


Target local or regional jobseekers – in the press


Charity BackRoom has negotiated the kind of deals in local and regional titles that you probably could not achieve yourself. We’ll source you a quote and a proof and place the order for you. And we’ll save you money too.

Call us now on 01603-756726 to find out how we can save you money on press advertising.


Professional Recruitment Services


Our Chartered MCIPD HR Consultants can help and advise you on all aspects of staff recruitment.

Recruitment Services range from £35, to a full recruitment service at £399.00


 Call our HR Team on 01603 756726 for more information.

[1] Why not become an affiliate partner of Charity BackRoom’s Recruitment Services. Contact us to find out more.

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