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RTI - HMRC changes to Payroll


Important legal changes to the way staff are paid.

Do you know what RTI is and are you worried about what it means for you?

HMRC is introducing a new method to receive details relating to payroll information from April 2013 called Real Time Information (RTI).

This is the largest change to the manner of processing payroll details since the introduction of PAYE over 50 years ago. The main change will see year-end returns being replaced by those made at the end of every pay period.

As you would expect from a quality and proactive provider, Charity BackRoom is pleased to announce that our all-inclusive payroll service is already fully RTI compliant. If you are currently a client with our all-inclusive payroll service then our experts are at hand to manage the change on your behalf.

We will then move forward and meet HMRCs new requirements on your behalf.

Those who make their own payments:

The introduction of RTI may involve a more complicated process if you currently use a 'calculations service' to work out your payments and then use a separate process to physically pay your employees. In this situation HMRC may require additional requirements and processes. Should you make payroll related payments using a method that requires a ‘RTI hash,’ then you are almost certainly going to change your current arragements in order to easily satisfy the legal changes. If you are not sure then your current payment provider should be able to confirm if you are affected.

If you are affected, then one of the easiest options available is to allow us to take on the process of paying your staff. By letting us deal with the RTI process on your behalf we save you from the seemingly endless hassle and red-tape that is frequently associated with such changes.

Should you require further information on this then please contact Charity BackRoom on 01603 756726.

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