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Employment Law Advice


Disgruntled employees are a big legal risk for most organisations. Incorporate the following simple steps to reduce your exposure to court proceedings.

  • Listen to every complaint, whether it is formally or informally presented
  • Follow up on every complaint
  • Be consistent in how you handle each matter/employee
  • Keep a written record of all of your actions
  • Most importantly, ensure you have a clear set of policies and practices.

If your organisation is small and you lack the resources and expertise to compile a set of policies and procedures we can help you to implement these.

If you are currently dealing with grievances we could offer you advice or even chair meetings with our bespoke HR Consultancy.

East Anglian Job Vacancies
For our most recent recruitment exercises we have used Charity Backroom services. We have found the service to be excellent value for money, effective and efficient. Charity BackRoom staff were quick to provide assistance when it was needed.
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