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Finding Appropriate Insurance

Your organisation has a legal responsibility to ensure that it, its employees, its trustees and its premises / places of operation are adequately insured.

Common types of insurance.

Type of insurance

Notes and comments

Public liability

Covers claims against the organisation for injury, loss or damage caused to any person as a result of negligence, injury, loss or damage caused by anyone working on behalf of the organisation including paid workers or volunteers. If your group organises events involving clients or the general public, you will need this insurance.

Employer’s Liability

Covers paid staff but not volunteers or committee members. The moment you start employing any paid staff, you will need this insurance.

Building and contents

If your group owns a building, this insurance will cover full costs of rebuilding and contents.* If you lease a building, you would need to check what cover the landlord has.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Covers you against claims resulting from incorrect or poor services which cause damage, injury or loss to a service user. If your group provides advice services, you will need this insurance. If, for example, as a result of the advice you gave, a client lost money, benefits, suffered injury or ill-health, they could sue you.

Trustee Liability

Covers trustees or directors (of an incorporated charity) against wrongful trading, a breach of trust etc. It is best to seek advice on this; some experts think this insurance is worthwhile, others feel it is a waste of money as it would not cover the trustees against gross negligence.


Cover for one-off events, often to cover cancellation because of adverse weather. If you take out cover for this, it is vital you read the small print. It can be very expensive and often specifies things like the minimum amount of rain and when the rain falls. A millimetre of rain below the minimum or a minute out on the timing specified in the contract and your claim could be rejected.

Road traffic or vehicle Insurance

Covers your organisation if you own vehicles such as a minibus and covers drivers for third party risks. Volunteers using their own cars must inform their insurers if their vehicle is being regularly used for voluntary work. Some groups include volunteers in their own policy so that if a volunteer has an accident and damages his / her car in undertaking work for the organisation, their own no-claims bonus will not be affected.


For assistance in obtaining adequate liability cover for your organisation contact Charity BackRoom. We will arrange for a specialist broker to obtain terms on your behalf.

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